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Disposable Medical Masks 50 ct.

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Each 50 count box consist of 5 sealed packs of 10 masks.

The mask consists of body, nose piece and ear loops. The body has three layers: the outer layer is spun-bond non-woven fabric, the middle layer is melt-blown non-woven fabric, and the inner layer is spun-bond non-woven fabric. The nose piece is made of malleable material. The ear loops are made of high-elastic spandex.

The filter efficiency of bacteria is no lower than 95%. The air exchange resistance of both sides is no larger than 49Pa/cm². The Mask is sterilized.

Directions for use: Place mask over nose and mouth, blue side out, and place an earloop around each ear. Pull bottom of mask under chin and mold the nose piece around the nose. The mask should cover face from the nose to underneath the chin. Discard mask after use. Do not reuse mask.

Warning: This mask is NOT a respirator. The mask can be worn by all kinds of clinical personnel during non-invasice operation. This mask should not be used for children under two years of age.